12Elaine was elected to the Boise City Council in 2003 and re-elected in 2007 and 2011. She served as Council President in 2007 and is currently council Pro-Tem. During her Boise City Council service Clegg has prioritized integrating land use and transportation planning improvements in city policy and practice, conservation, reforming city code and encouraging homegrown business opportunities. Encouraged by her leadership the city of Boise has;

  • Adopted a Master Streets Map to guide roadway design to move all users more safely and efficiently and to support better access to destinations;
  • Developed a transportation connectivity measurement to improve connections in new development;
  • Completed a full Comprehensive Plan update; and is updating the city’s zoning codes;
  • Completed an integrated land use/transportation master plan for a Bus Rapid Transit corridor on State Street;
  • Completed and is implementing a second integrated land use/transportation master plan for a new roadway, Whitewater Park Blvd – accompanied by the West End master plan;
  • Expanded the city’s commitment to improving walking and biking conditions in the city;
  • Joined SBA’s “Start-up in a day” initiative to make it easier for entrepreneurs to find out how and get approval for starting a business.
  • Jump started new improvements in Boise’s award winning parks system, including parks in underserved ares;
  • Extended its bicycle and pedestrian network including a new pedestrian/bicycle bridge at Whitewater Park and new greenbelt section from Ann Morrison to Garden City;
  • Began a program to conserve water and save taxpayers money by replacing plantings in right-of-ways that the city maintains with low water plants.
  • Moved forward with an innovative phosphorous removal process that will improve Boise river water quality and save taxpayers money, the first city in the nation to receive EPA approval for this process.
  • Upgraded the city arts commission to full department status to aid in placemaking and cultural enrichment as the Department of Arts and History
  • Expanded transit service on two of Boise’s busiest transit routes, State St. and Fairview Ave with more frequent service and extending hours to later at night;
  • Adopted a Sustainability framework, LIV Boise – creating a lasting, innovative and vibrant place, which includes two LIV-Districts (Eco-Districts) and over 100 distinct actions to improve resilience in the city and to make the city’s longstanding sustainability and economic development activities successful.

Elaine serves many leadership roles on behalf of the city, region and state.

  • She leads Boise’s growth management team and represents the City of Boise on the Board of the region’s MPO – the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS), the Executive Committee/Board of Valley Regional Transit, the Boise metro regional transit authority.
    • Enhance COMPASS long-range transportation plan with scenario planning
    • Provided leadership in finding a location for the multi-modal center for VRT.
  • She is third Vice-President on the Association of Idaho Cities Board of Directors.
  • Nationally Elaine currently serves as Vice-president of the Board of the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations* and the Surface Transportation Policy Partnership*.
  • She is a member of the Policy Steering Committee for Transportation and Infrastructure Services Committee* for the National League of Cities and Transportation for America’s Advisory Committee,* also national organizations.

*She has led efforts to develop a unified voice for organizations supporting local government and transportation resulting in a milestone letter to Congress advocating transportation solutions signed by all six organizations representing local government.

Elaine Clegg has led efforts advocating for better transportation and land use decisions locally, regionally, at the state level and federally for nearly thirty years.

Clegg became interested in growth management issues by serving her neighborhood association as a board member and president where she began working on transportation/land use issues by advocating for quality growth management, including;

  • Establishing the Hull’s Gulch Nature Preserve.
  • Improving the city of Boise’s program for care of street trees.
  • Co-chairing a city of Boise process to develop a Foothills plan and development ordinance that required responsible environmental practices and helped change the focus of transportation solutions in the foothills area to serve all users.

Elaine works professionally in the non-profit sector to forward quality growth management and transportation planning.

  • Over a decade ago she provided leadership in the Treasure Valley Futures project, which quantified growth trends in the Treasure Valley offering strategies to better manage that growth and won a national award for planning excellence. The project helped move the Treasure Valley region toward better growth management.
  • Clegg has worked directly with over 20 Idaho communities providing community assistance to develop pedestrian and bicycle action plans and to identify policy and zoning solutions that support smart growth through land use and transportation integration.
  • She facilitates a coalition of Idaho organizations to ensure that the reauthorization of our federal transportation law reflects Idaho interests, the coalition’s accomplishments include agreement from Senator Crapo to co-sponsor the Safe Routes to School Program in the SAFETEA-LU authorization.
  • Clegg has developed, researched and authored four publications for ISG that have helped lead Idahoans to solutions on growth issues; Safe Routes to School Handbook of Local Policy Best Practices for Idaho, Smart Growth Best Practices Putting Smart Growth Policies to Work in Idaho, The Consequences of Residential Infill Development on Existing Neighborhoods in the Treasure Valley and Quality Infill, Recommendations and Tools.


Clegg and her husband Brett have five children and seven grandchildren. A graduate of Boise’s Capital High School, she has a bachelor’s degree in General Art from Boise State University and worked as a graphic designer. Elaine volunteered for many years with Girls Scouts, as an art parent, for Little League and on many local and regional governmental committees. She has also served on the board of directors of several local, state and national non-profit organizations.